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Susan L. Amidon-Mansdoerfer "I believe that God put into each one of us an innate desire to be 'a creator'...just like Him. And the awesome, changing and living examples of earth and nature that He gave us to learn from... that surround us every single day... leave us no possible opportunities for boredom."

Oil painting Susan’s love of nature was deeply nurtured in her early childhood. She grew up on a farm in the little logging and dairy town of Onalaska, Washington with five other siblings. Often the pets they had as children included chipmunks, rabbits, an orphaned fawn, as well as the usual assortment of animals one encounters on a large family farm.

The country seasons had a deep impact on Susan. She still lives where each season's change brings an excitement of potential colors and scenes, skies, and snow. Her grandparents also had a large farm. Susan's grandmother belonged to a garden club. Her yard was full of colorful pansies, irises, roses, petunias, honeysuckles, and other colorful flowers. Days spent with her grandparents were almost always spent outside. The school where Susan grew up offered no art classes, but often she could be found sketching pictures of horses onto her school papers.

Susan has lived in California for over 35 years. Upon graduation from high school, she moved to Seattle, attended business college, then went onto San Francisco. After she entered the business world, she forgot about sketching and farms and nature. One fall, while living in the City, Susan took an evening art class at a local college. It was a thrilling experience for her and she began drawing and painting again. She loved visiting the Golden Gate Park and spending time at the ocean. Those places always spoke to her heart of the tremendous beauty of God’s creation.

When living in the City became intolerable for a country girl, Susan moved to Grass Valley, California (in the Sierra Mountain foothills). There she joined a weekly art class taught by Clifford NeVille. She was able to tutor with him for ten years until his death. During this time, she learned a variety of techniques and topics. She entered local county fair competitions and won a number of ribbons including the honored “People’s Choice Award”.

Susan & Bill Mansdoerfer Susan’s life has been full with working beside her husband, Bill, for the last 25 years providing a Christian boarding school for at-risk children. She has always found time for her artwork. She taught art to the students in the school over many years as well as teaching private classes in Oils.

Susan's artwork has been featured on the back of three of the local Business and Professional Directories, co-sponsored by Kiwanis and Grass Valley Area Chamber of Commerce during the late 1970s.

Besides oil painting, Susan also has an interest in crafts. She sells her work locally at Paulette’s Country Kitchen, and the Nevada County Growers Market as well as other venues. She also writes poetry and designs cards.

A Christian business seeking to honor God in all its art and business practices.
Phillipians 1:6

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