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Custom artwork backsplashes Tile Murals & Backsplashes
From 4"x4", 6"x6" or larger, artwork can be formed into a large tile mural almost any size. Using our artwork or yours. Truly a unique artistic statement. Artwork to the left is an example of artwork by Susan Amidon-Mansdoerfer that will become a backsplash.
Mural backsplash example

Custom Tile Backsplash
Another example of a custom artwork that was made into a tile backsplash in a kitchen. Besides being a work of art, it is durable, cleanable and unique. Call for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Custom artwork coasters Coasters
Original art on sealed hardwood or sandstone with cork backing,
Memory tiles
Memory Tiles
6"x6" Ceramic tiles. A permanent remembrance of your pet, grandkids, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, any photo!
gift boxes, ceramic mugs and other personalized gift items Personalized & Other Items
Original art or submit your own for Gift boxes with tile top insert-many sizes available, ceramic mugs- 11oz & 15oz., Inspirational tiles, 8x10 Perm-photos, & custom work.

Susan Amidon winning award
Award Winning Art by Susan Amidon-Mansdoerfer

  • Crafted by William Mansdoerfer.
  • Oil painting on canvas digitally transferred by Master.
  • Sublimation to Ceramic Tile, Glass Tile, Coaster with Cork.
  • Trays, Trivits, Cutting Boards, Wine and Cheese Trays & Custom Tile Murals.
Artwork on products can be almost any of the artwork on this website plus many others. Contact the Artistic Garden for details and other options. Some items are in stock. Others are not. Please check with us on current availability. Thanks.

What is Master Sublimation?
Sublimation is a process where original art on canvas, pictures, photos can be placed in (not on) the surface of ceramic tile, glass tile, substrates on tempered glass cutting boards, sealed hardboard with cork, plastic and metal.

The originals are digitized and using the highest quality inks and Epson printers, are then transferred through special paper. With high heat and pressure, it is turned from a solid state to gas that permeates any surface. The original Art is not harmed.

If you would like to have your own artwork or photograph turned into a usable piece of decor, this process will not harm your original. Once the process is complete, your original will be returned to you. Please contact us to inquire about having us work with your artwork or photos.

About the Prints:
Prints shipped rolled, unframed. High quality, long lasting prints are on artist canvas. Stretched and ready for framing: See additional fee below for stretching. Canvas will be stretched and ready for framing when shipped. When framing a picture, take stretched print to a frame shop (i.e. Ben Franklin, Aaron Bros., etc) and place it in several frames. Each frame will give the print a totally different look.

Stretched /Add additional packing and shipping fee costs to original price. $15 for stretching. Please call for quote on shipping and handling costs.

Framed: Due to the variety of frame options, please contact us regarding this service. Additional costs depend on size, however as an estimate - 20 x 24 picture-framed, boxed, and shipped is approximately $200.00 (subject to change depending on type of frame, size, etc). Call for a quote so we can price out this service for you.


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